Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment In Bellflower, CA

April 9, 2022 by Dreamland Dental

Zoom is a popular in-office bleaching treatment used to lighten enamel discoloration. Before the procedure, you will have regular professional teeth cleaning to get rid of plaque and tartar.

Teeth Whitening Bellflower

Here are some other things to expect:

Zoom whitening takes about 60 minutes, but you may need an extra 30 minutes for a thorough oral exam, medical check, and teeth cleaning. The dentist will also mark the current shade of your teeth to track the progress of your whitening treatment.

The dentist will use cheek retractors and cotton rolls to protect your gums, tongue, and other soft tissues from the chemicals. A protective layer will also be painted on your gums before the whitening starts.

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