Periodontal Disease

Is the most common cause of loss of teeth as a person ages. It refers to deterioration of the gums and bone around the teeth.The disease starts with excess plaque accumulation. Saliva will calcify the plaque if it is not removed by proper home care. The calcified plaque (tartar) can only be removed by your dentist or hygienist with a cleaning.

Bleeding during brushing, and mild gum irritation are signs of early periodontitis. Advance stages of periodontal disease can destroy the bone under the gums. Due to infection and the loss of the supporting bone structure, the tooth might have to be removed. Periodontal disease cannot completely be cured or treated but your dentist will have to perform a thorough examination (including probing) in order to properly diagnose the stage of the disease and to come up with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


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