Many dentists rely on digital x-rays to give them the best picture of their patient’s oral health. It has become common practice to offer x-rays during a routine dental exam and cleaning appointment, so how are digital x-rays better than traditional ones?

Understanding Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays use lower dosage radiation and ensure the highest quality of care is being delivered. Dental x-rays are pictures of the teeth, the bone, and the surrounding soft tissue and help in diagnosing the root cause of the dental problems. Usually, a full set of x-rays are taken at the initial appointment in order to give a comprehensive evaluation, and follow up x-rays are taken every 6 months to a year as necessary in order to update the treatment plan, check on the quality of work previously done, and help diagnose and detect newly formed decay or problems.

In addition, digital x-rays are more detailed and have lower radiation compared to the conventional film x-rays and are easily stored and can be transferred to other dental professionals if needed in diagnostic aid.

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