When considering improving your smile, it is essential to understand which treatment option is best for you.  For many adults, straightening your teeth is the most minimally invasive way to enhance your smile. Adult orthodontics is an excellent solution for realigning your smile to give you the smile of your dreams.

How Adult Orthodontics Work

Whether you have crooked or misaligned teeth, braces are the least invasive solution to fixing that smile. Gone are the days where braces were limited to pre-teens and adolescents. Adult braces have made the process of obtaining and managing braces much more comfortable and discreet. Adult orthodontics can improve your oral health by making teeth easier to clean. When teeth are crooked or misaligned, it’s difficult to clean efficiently at home.

The act of flossing is a rare routine for many people, and when flossing is not performed or conducted correctly, you miss cleaning 40% of your tooth. Dangerous and unhealthy bacteria can build up if a dental cleaning is not done properly, which can lead to poor oral- like cavities and gum disease. In addition to these oral health issues, severe dental infections can sometimes lead to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke in some people. Bacteria from a gum infection can get into your internal bloodstream, and contribute to inflammation of blood vessels. Adult orthodontics make it much easier to ensure that teeth are cleaned the way they are supposed to be and can also decrease the risk of needing implants or dentures down the line.

Your good health is a major factor in enjoying your life. Adult orthodontics can improve your health and your internal health.  If you have questions or concerns about your oral health and whether adult orthodontics could be a solution for you, contact your orthodontist in Bellflower CA to schedule your consultation.


Whether you are a teen or an adult, orthodontic treatment is usually not something anyone looks forward to undergoing.  Fortunately, straightening your teeth can be more comfortable and efficient than ever before with Invisalign treatment in Bellflower, CA.  Invisalign is a unique orthodontic treatment that allows you to discreetly straighten your teeth with less interruption to your daily life.

What is the Invisalign Difference?

Invisalign clear aligners are a favorable orthodontic treatment that doesn’t interrupt your life. The aligners are removable, which allows you to:

  • Enjoy your favorite foods and the occasional drink as usual
  • Participate in sports and other physical activities without worrying about damaging the aligners
  • Brush and floss your teeth like normal without wires and brackets getting in the way

Teen Invisalign aligners come with blue compliance indicators to help parents monitor their teens to ensure they’re wearing them enough.

How Invisalign Fits into Your Life

The aligners are made from clear material, which makes them virtually invisible. In fact, most people cannot notice that you’re wearing them. This allows you to engage socially with increasing confidence as your smile changes, without being too self-conscious and covering your mouth every time you smile or laugh in public.  Additionally, there is no risk of damaged brackets or loose wires that need tightening, so you will barely have any emergency visits. This makes it easier to plan your daily activities with no surprises from your treatment.

To learn more about the advantages of straightening your smile with Invisalign treatment, contact your orthodontist in Bellflower CA to schedule your consultation today!



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