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Medical Dentist Near Bellflower

Are you looking for a medical dentist near Bellflower? Dreamland Dental can help! In case you didn’t already know, not all dental procedures are medical procedures. Most states and the federal government understand that dentists also provide necessary medical care, not simply dental care. Whenever you perform a procedure that is medical rather than purely dental in nature, you have the option of billing medical insurance for the claim.

What Services Does A Medical Dentist Provide?

A service is considered “medical” when performed by a dentist when the service either diagnoses or treats a medical condition, like an abscessed tooth. Anytime a dentist diagnoses or treats inflammation or infection in the office, such as any disease of the gums, they’re actually treating a medical condition. Additionally, surgery is always considered a medical treatment. Finally, if you’re getting treated for pain or other issues that result in the loss of function in your daily life, you’re getting treated for a medical condition. For instance, if tooth problems have made it impossible for a patient to eat solid food, that person has stepped over the line from a dental to a medical issue.

Whatever the issue is, Dreamland Dentist is the best medical dentist near Bellflower. If you’re experiencing dental pain or inflammation in your gum/mouth area, call us today. We’re available to treat the full range of dental medical issues. We are committed to the overall health of our patients which is why we are equipped with the highest quality digital technology, helping to maintain low radiation exposure. We also measure your vital signs at every appointment to verify your overall health, have an experienced team of specialists to treat the most complex dental needs and use advanced sterilization techniques to provide the safest and highest quality of dental care. We also offer flexible payment options in order to help make your dream smile a reality.


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