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Highschool is one of the busiest times of an adolescent’s life- it’s a period of immense physical and emotional growth, and having strong oral health can make all the difference. Poor oral health such as crowded teeth, poor alignment, or an imperfect bite can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other negative health issues- including anxiety about one’s appearance. If you are a teen and you are struggling with the condition of your teeth, then you should consider our invisalign teen program.

Why Invisalign For Teens May Be Better Than Traditional Braces:

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  • Our Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, providing you with the option to freely consume your meals.
  • Your oral hygiene routine is easier to maintain, since you can floss freely rather than weaving between brackets.
  • Our Invisalign Teen Aligners can be safer for more active teens like athletes or performers, since the aligner itself can protect teeth during activity. Invisalign Teen aligners also remove the risk that sharp wires or brackets may cut or injure the inside of your mouth.
  • Our Dreamland Dental Invisalign Teen program is designed to allow for use even when baby teeth are still present.

How Out Teen Invisalign System Works:

Invisalign Teen Consultation (include link to free consultation offer)

Consultation Phase: Our dentist will take photos, digital scans, and X-rays, or a dental impression to know the specifics of your case. Once you’re approved as a candidate, we create your treatment plan.

3D Invisalign Treatment Plan

Our lab technicians use records sent to them, along with your treatment prescription, ane create your customized 3D treatment plan.

Teen Aligner Fabrication

Once your treatment plan is ready, the lab technicians manufacture the first few sets of aligners for your Invisalign treatment to commence. Your custom aligners will be sent to your dentist’s office for fitting on your next visit.

Starting Your Teen Invisalign Treatment

Your dentist should give you the first series of custom-made aligners – usually 3-4 sets at a time. You will wear the aligners every day, and change them after every two weeks. Custom aligners can take between 9-24 months for a full cycle of treatment. If you are a teen interested in improving your smile via out Teen Invisalign Treatment, call us at Dreamland Dental Bellflower for a free consultation at 562-867-2026.

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