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Why Dr. Nasibi is the Best Orthodontist Near Me
If you’re looking to correct crooked teeth or jaw problems, then you need to see an orthodontist near you. Orthodontists are specialist dentists who have completed an additional two or three years of study and training, beyond the requirement for general dentistry, which gives them the skills and knowledge to adjust the position of your teeth and alignment of the jaw.

Orthodontist Bellflower

With only six percent of dentists specializing in orthodontics, it can be difficult to find one unless you’re referred by your family dentist. If you’re in Bellflower, California, then Dr. Pejman Nasibi DDS, DHSC may be the best orthodontist for you or your loved one.

Qualified, Experienced, and Certified Orthodontist
Dr. Nasibi has received extensive training in the medical field. He has completed dual Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from the university of Southern California, USC, as well as Doctor of Dental Surgery from the UCLA School of Dentistry. Afterwards, he decided to specialize in orthodontics in order to capitalize on his engineering and dental knowledge to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Dr. Nasibi is a member of the American Dental Association, the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, the American Association of Orthodontists, and the California Dental Association.

An orthodontist who makes you feel comfortable
Orthodontic treatment typically takes between six months and two years, or even longer depending on the individual case. Considering that you will be entering into a long-term relationship with your orthodontist, it’s important that you find one you’re comfortable with.

Dr. Nasibi is passionate about creating dazzling smiles that will last a lifetime, and takes his time to get to know each and every patient on a personal level. As a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist, with a wife, family, and fun interests outside the dental office, he likes to share his life stories and experiences with his patients, while motivating them to thrive in all aspects of life.

He applies personal and motivational coaching to ensure that all his patients are physically and emotionally ready to succeed in life at the end of their orthodontic treatment.

Visit Dr. Nasibi for all your Orthodontic Needs
Dr. Nasibi provides personalized orthodontic treatment depending on your specific case. Whether you want traditional or clear braces or Invisalign, get rid of facial muscle pain or jaw joint pain, or address sleep apnea, Dr. Nasibi will ensure that you get the highest quality of care for a complete recovery


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