Correcting An Overbite, Malocclusion

An overbite is identified by the extent to which your upper teeth protrude and overlap your lower teeth. Ideally, your upper teeth should overlap the lower ones by 1-2 mm. But if the gap is 4 to 10 mm, it is considered a malocclusion that requires treatment.

When you have such a large overbite, it caused your chin to recede, because it is being pushed back – towards the jaw joint or TMJ – by the upper teeth. In extreme cases, the patient may experience TMJ pain, headaches, and clenching and grinding. Moreover, a deep overbite is usually associated with a short and round face.

Overbite Correction Bellflower

Should you correct an overbite?

Most patients are not aware that the position of their teeth affects the shape of their face. In fact, a bad bite (malocclusion) is one of the main causes of jaw pain, an aging face, excess tooth wear, and a short face characterized by small-looking lower jaws, thin lips, and a small chin appearance. An overbite can also distort your speech and affect other oral functions including chewing and clenching.

Correcting an overbite

Overbites are a hereditary problem that occurs naturally as your teeth erupt. However, some habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting can contribute to the malocclusion because the thumb pushes the front upper teeth and bone forward. Bad bites can be corrected by a dental specialist known as an orthodontist.

Some of the likely treatments for an overbite include:

  • Invisalign clear aligners – to slowly and discreetly move the teeth and jaw to their correct position
  • Braces – to slowly move the teeth and jaw to the correct position
  • Teeth removal for children and tweens to create room for the adult teeth to grow in straight
  • Oral Surgery – to correct severe jaw problems in adults

Although malocclusion can be corrected at any age, it is recommended that bad bite problems be corrected as early as possible to reduce the risk of severe physical implications of having an untreated overbite. Children should visit an orthodontist by the age of 7 years for early intervention.

If you’re looking to correct a deep overbite or vertical overbite in Bellflower, Dreamland Dental & Orthodontics can help you create a custom treatment for your case of malocclusion.



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