Immediate Denture

Immediate Dentures

Advantage of an Immediate Denture

The advantage of an immediate denture is that patients do not have to go through a period without teeth. Immediate dentures are used when for any reason multiple or all teeth need to be removed. In order to make sure that the patient does nt leave the dental office without any teeth especially if the front dentition are involved, your dentist will take custom impressions, bite registration, and even teeth selection all before removing the teeth to make sure even your immediate denture has been selected and customized to leave you with a beautiful smile on the day of your extractions.

Your dentist will remove all the teeth and on the same appointment will deliver the perviously customized fabricaed Immediate denture. The patient will use the Immediate denture for a few weeks until the extractions spots are healed. Your dentist will fabricate your denture after the extractions spots are healed.

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